DAY 200: Cold

January 23rd, 2017 § 0 comments

What’s going on in France? (and Greece, and Serbia, and indeed in the Sahara, I believe, but it isn’t so heavily policed):

“Last night, leaving work at 6:30 pm, with my colleague and well covered, big coats, bonnets, scarves and gloves, we headed towards the car shivering with cold. Parked since morning 7 am, we realize that it had frozen in broad daylight; The windows of the car bear witness. Then, in the cold, we sprayed the anti-frost on the windows and start scratching them. Also, once we got in the vehicle, we realize that despite the excellent upkeep of my colleague’s car, it had also frozen inside. Then we also scraped the windows inside. Little by little, the visibility appeared and we gradually began to feel the heat in the car. On the road, I see quite a few people preparing their cars at night by placing cardboard on the windscreen.
Phew! We are going home !

And then, I think back to the problem of poor housing or no housing at all.
I think of this man we saw lying dead last week! I think of people like him, the Exiles, in short I rethink without distinction about all the people who do not have the chance to warm themselves up by rubbing themeslves after using an anti-freeze spray . They only have cardboard, and not much more …
I think of things seen and reseen: the police and construction companies, then demolition, often responding to the mad and degrading orders of the leaders of the country and the city or by acting often on their own initiative, destroying shelters, tents, snatching blankets from the hands of human beings.

In Calais, the concept “zero migrant” has been born. But in fact, they are there! So!
What are we waiting for to build solidarity?

What are the authorities in the city waiting for to call for the immediate implementation of measures concerning a cold weather plan ? It is not by concealing a situation that it is sorted.

Let’s demand actions! Let’s pick up our phones, send emails, fax, bother ourselves and ask for a shelter at least for the winter. Contact your town halls, prefectures … Dare to ask them! Let us say that as citizens we no longer want to endorse these acts, we no longer want to witness the assassination of people in the street !


Valerius de Schaedeleer : Winter.

Taken from ‘Passeurs d’hospitalités’, the blog you should be reading instead of this.


A day or two ago I raised the question of whether the current new dispensation in Washington  might go so far as to change the accepted value of pi (you know, as in circumference/diameter). But this led me on to the whole vision of a contest between ‘Science’ and the US Government. For example, look at the periodic table with those uneven bits (why should there be an arbitrary difference between the lanthanides and the uranides, you might ask?). Or the speed of light which at currently 299 792 458 m/s obviously  should be 300 000 000 if you insist on using metric units (but maybe we’ll get rid of them). There’s so much in science that is crying out for someone with a business background to sort it out. I expect that’ll come.

But conversely, we might see science fighting back. I don’t mean the hackneyed image of a mysterious unknown deathly virus 12552584_10208330056591165_1734558816355349333_n Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 18.25.10










which has been developed only to attack rich Islamophobic misogynists. Though it’s not the stupidest idea I’ve heard (don’t ask me what is). But what if there was a theory of everything and we did know the mind of God and the universe was about to stage a massive comeback, punishing the overweening humans for daring to guess its secrets? What if a new particle (let’s call it the Koppa) existed, which under certain circumstances (like elections going the wrong way) caused the laws of electricity to seize up, currents to flow backwards, gravity to reverse so that everything became detached from the earth? What if that, eh?

I think my imagination is running away with itself, not for the first time. Let’s stick with the law, which perhaps we can do something about, and try to introduce a bill called the 2016 (Abolition) Bill. The main provision would be to make it possible to abolish, nullify and do away with the year 2016 or a number of events which took place in it e.g. Brexit and the US elections; and if that led to the return of Prince and David Bowie, I wouldn’t complain.  Could we get a petition on – which I know something about – to promote such a measure?

At this point either imagination or the word count run out. Can I possibly have some more constructive ideas to get us out of this morass – preferably without too much marching?


Trying to combine poetry, snow, sex and fascism (do try if you can – I thought Ovid might be a good place to start – ) I gave up and came up with Craig Raine’s ‘How Snow Falls’:

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 19.31.37


I expect there’s any amount of street music which is fitting for celebrating (if that’s the word) Paris this January. Here are Z.E.P. (Zone d’Expression Populaire) in ‘La gueule du patrimoine’, a joyous multiracial rap obviously staged in better weather.


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