Day 2.8 Appeal

October 25th, 2019 § 0 comments

This is independent of the blog; it’s simply that, things being as they are, I’m finding it almost impossible to do ordinary things, and I can’t e.g. keep my balance, so can hardly walk for any distance without a frame, which is tiring and unhelpful from the balance point of view; and I’m getting weak and debilitated.

So, what I need is someone to take me, or my health, on seriously as a project. Physiotherapists, I’m sorry to say, don’t really seem to have the commitment, and I need to be forced to take exercise, go for walks etc daily. I realise  that this is a bit demanding, given what it  takes; so it really needs that commitment; plus perhaps a bit of reading, conversation and/or listening to music. If you can be more imaginative, you can devise a programme which we could both of us enjoy. If you’re the kind of person who sees looking after a rather feeble 80-year-old as a rewarding project, then this is for you; and you might diversify e.g. into childminding or dogwalking. But I digress.

And, if we were having a conversation, what a conversation we could have! If you brought me updates on the news (strictly speaking, I mean if you btought me a newspaper), we could discuss a way of fixing the current rather disastrous state of things. As Omar Khayyam put it:

Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire

To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!

Would not we shatter it to bits – and then

Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!

[By the way, in case you were worrying about my recent book requests, To the Lighthouse and The Brothers Karamazov have surfaced, although The Cat in the Hat still eludes me. But I remember most of it, don’t you? And speaking of The Brothers Karamazov, I’d forgotten, if I ever knew it, that Dostoyevsky refers to Alexey as the hero of his narrative on page 1, while I’d have put my money on the more spirited Ivan. Maybe you could make a small sum in a pub quiz on that one.]

People do offer absolutely free ways in which I can become enabled; for example, by getting to classes (seated yoga?) run by some segment of the vast Islington empire. But to get to these, supposing that I thought seated yoga could be seriously entertained by a rational adult, I’d have to get transport, and we’re back to square 1. Liz thought that I should make myself my own project, which I thought in some way breached Gödel’s theorem. In the meanwhile I pace the corridors, supporting myself unsteadily on a stick and hoping I don’t fall over. As Celine Dion said, when you’re halfway up, you’re always  halfway down. The Cat in the Hat could do better (remember the number of things he could balance on his head).


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