DAY 198: New year?

January 12th, 2017 § 0 comments

I’ve more than once by now had occasion to notice that there’s nothing particularly ‘new’ about the new year; and there’s particularly nothing new about that observation. I promise to be more innovative in future. (Promises are easy.) It’s



cold, but nothing like as cold as it is on the Greek islands where refugees, with no hope of reaching Western europe, are blanketed in snow. And I’m gearing up for various new year things; a return to the old teaching, the┬áBabylonian number system where it all started off, and much else. [I can’t remember whether this blog has ever explained to its patient readers how we can consider modern exploitation as having had its roots in the extraction of the surplus by the priests of ancient Iraq; and how they invented mathematics in order to compute the surplus they were extracting] Plus, I sincerely hope, a career or at least a couple of days a week (a bit late in life) as a volunteer in the Islington Law Centre which seems to be my best hope, in my current debilitated state, for a way of contriculting, on however small a scale, to the refugees’ continuing struggle for justice and a decent life (Can I prolong this sentence any more? I think not). With all this exciting stuff going on, I expect I’ll have to suspend my Arabic lessons, and just when I’d mastered the dual with a touching story about my two female friends the two female students who were both refused visas. But given that they were finally both given visas and are in Norway Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 08.52.30with three friends, this is perhaps appropriate.

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