Math Rap Songs

The problem of finding accessible ways of teaching mathematics to youth, particularly urban youth, won’t go away; and my ex-colleagues never stop moaning about the failure of the average 1st year student to e.g. add fractions. Hey dudes! Be imaginative! Here are my first two easy-to-remember mathematical rap songs, a major breakthrough in teaching aids. Well-known singer is on my wavelength, although I haven’t seen any similar works from him. I offer my songs free of charge (no copyright); if you can cut a cd from them, or even upload an mp3 to youtube, it would be nice to know.



You the class sad saddo you don gettin none action

let the SuperMath King show you how to add fraction

any tongue can suck dick any hand can light fart

but to add two fraction thats a dark secret art

its so old its retro youll be king of the class

an buffy an angell will be kissin you ass.


Gotta add one sixth to nine on eleven

for the day mister atta kept his date with heaven

one on eleven an the other on a six

sure they aint no way them fuckers gonna mix

well they can an they is just you times them two

an they make sixty-six or osama’s a jew.


Times the one by eleven an the six by the nine

an add the mothers up in you beautiful mind

thats eleven an fifty-four makes sixty-five

work it out for youself no shit no jive

now you lookin for a fraction sixty-five she’s the top

drop an E snort a line aint no time to stop.


You answer two piece suit so it got two bits

sixty-six she the ass sixty-six she the tits

no fuckin with the numbers no kozmic blunder

sixty-five over an sixty-six under an

theys more cause it straight like a rock hard dick





In depression in recession an im stressed an im tense

an all because i don know how to do percents

saw a purple pashmina an its slinky an soft

sign say sixty-four dollar with a eight percents off

six hundred in my purse owe the crack man four

one sixty on the rent am i rich am i poor?


Here come the Super Math Team an yo them fuckers got style

we can solve you little problem if you listen up awhile

hey brothers quit you lectures now cause aint no scholar

just tell me eight percents off sixty-four fuckin dollar

sixty all i got to spend an now im hittin the booze

look like washed out picture out of dazed an confused.


Come baby never want let no sum make you tense

now them sixty-four dollars thats how many cents?

well it sixty-four hundred may not have super brain

but not like stupid bush nor yet saddam hussain

so now you can get you answer an the road is straight

just divide by a hundred an you times by eight.


Get my casio outa gucci lizardskin bag

divide by a hundred now an aint no drag

thats a sixty-four cents times by eight i say

an its five one two in the window display

thats five dollar twelve i can see that clear

off of sixty-four dollar leave one twelve for beer.


well each day now life harder more work less cash

lost sixty-nine percent in the wall street smash

now im living like a bum and my welfare been cut

took twelve percent off called me chiselin slut

but I got my pashmina im as happy as a queen

ill be hundred percent on the drag club scene.

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