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Today’s picture is rather a break from the classics

And if (owing to enlargement) you can’t read it very clearly, it hardly matters. It’s the picture of David X. Li’s mathematical formula, the ‘Li Copula’, aka ‘The Formula that Killed Wall Street’, as it was titled in Wired magazine (2009). David, as you might expect, is Chinese by origin; he currently » Read the rest of this entry «


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Here is today’s picture – weather still not looking too good…

Playing chess in ‘The Seventh Seal’ – Max von Sydow and Bengt Ekerot

A hard day trying to think about the advantages/disadvantages of something called ‘New Public Management’ or NPM » Read the rest of this entry «


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(I expect I’ll get tired of numbering the days – a beginner’s ploy. We’ll see.)

“A sad figure, not too well educated, who doesn’t get out of America much. He’s leading the country towards fascism” Larry Hagman on George W. Bush. Larry, alias J.R. died yesterday; » Read the rest of this entry «


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And so it goes on. But I forgot to include a poem yesterday. (My own ‘poems’ are to come, if I can retrieve them from the archives.) So there had better be two today, and here’s one:

A Poison Tree » Read the rest of this entry «


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Today’s picture is Caravaggio’s ‘Supper at Emmaus’ (Milan, not London)

It’s there for a reason, as well as because I like it But first, I should describe my career, or my mode of life, or something.

Most of my life, I’ve earned my crust as a mathematician, i.e. teaching mathematics to students in universities. The universities, increasingly, required that I should turn out research, publish papers etc,

If you’d told me when I was eighteen that I’d spend my life in this way, I’d have been amazed. » Read the rest of this entry «


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Do we have peace? Today’s picture has already been used by Jean, but that’s not a reason against using it again:

Lorenzetti: Peace


Home after a stressful day buying okra and reading about objectivity – of which more later, much later; and the news was on, an announcement of a possible ceasefire ‘in the hour’. Given the preconditions on both sides (ending the blockade of Gaza from the Hamas side, and a commitment to end rocket attacks from Israel) it seemed pretty unlikely. At least 130 Palestinians have been killed, and my latest view was of Hillary Clinton » Read the rest of this entry «


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I thought of another war image; but there will be time for that. Here’s Cecil Taylor.
My thought for today – only marginally connected with the ongoing Israeli massacre. It’s a clarion call to junk the misguided belief that you can defeat neoliberalism, imperialism, or anything else, by getting a million or so people to click on some petition you’re swamping the web with, using » Read the rest of this entry «

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