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Do we have peace? Today’s picture has already been used by Jean, but that’s not a reason against using it again:

Lorenzetti: Peace


Home after a stressful day buying okra and reading about objectivity – of which more later, much later; and the news was on, an announcement of a possible ceasefire ‘in the hour’. Given the preconditions on both sides (ending the blockade of Gaza from the Hamas side, and a commitment to end rocket attacks from Israel) it seemed pretty unlikely. At least 130 Palestinians have been killed, and my latest view was of Hillary Clinton shoulder to shoulder with Netanyahu, declaring that the U.S. was rock-solid behind Israel, who had ‘every right to defend herself’. On which right, see Seumas Milne, in the Guardian.

So, what next? I hope these nightmare days will be over and the Palestinians can go back to everyday oppression and occupation.


And today’s tune, however inappropriate, is Verdi’s old Egyptian triumph:

When I was a lad of 17 (during the Anglo-French-Israeli aggression in Suez, 1956), this was banned somewhere – the radio? because allegedly pro-Egyptian.

Hebron, typical view. Yellow object is a guard post ‘protecting’ a settler family in the old city.

 Today’s poem:

‘A Plea’

to find me you must stop the noise

silence the guns and the tanks,
the shouted orders
and shouts of defiance,
screaming and weeping.
and listen.
my voice is very weak
you must try to hear it
you will have to come close
and pick away the tumbled stones
carefully, gently.
when you find me, lift me out,

help me to breathe,

set my broken limbs
but don’t think it is enough
to give me back a fragile existence
i need food and water,
i need a home that will last,
health and hope and work to do
i need love
you must embrace me
and take me to your heart

…my name is Peace…..
Sue Sabbagh

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