DAY 269: Resurrection

April 20th, 2019 § 0 comments

I’m trying to celebrate, as many others are, the fact that all three Abrahamic religions are celebrating their jamborees on or near the same day. (I’m passing up the Samaritans, given their uncertain claim to representation in this field, and I don’t think there will be many of them to argue with me.)¬†What is there to celebrate? I think, in fear and trembling, given the dubious natures of the three festivals. At the same time I’m noting the rise of another form of festival, in the form of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ celebrations on Westminster Bridge. What is being celebrated by these diverse¬†revellers? The sacrifice of Isaac? The Crucifixion? The fall and resurrection of man? It all seems to come down

to a misapprehension about where this planet is headed, and no one has clarified to me exactly where that is. The drafters of the Book of Revelation were unclear about the answer, too, even if it seems to involve unbelievers perishing in a lake of fire. That, one would think, would be an extinction to celebrate.

My friend Isis rather hit the nail on the head, I thought, in pointing out how rapidly the huge sums required to rebuild Notre Dame after its catastrophic fire (in which no one perished), were found in contrast to the contemptible slowness of donors, whether private or corporate, in making any attempt to compensate for the damage to life and property following the fire and major loss of life at Grenfell Towers.

Indeed, one wonders what is the founding myth of XR? given that Easter and Passover seem to be (scholars agree) simply an excuse for running the old spring festival through under a different name. There is an obvious, but rather contradictory hope on the part of XR activists that if you glue yourself to a bus or policeman you will halt the inevitable process whereby this planet is hurtling to its destruction, or at least the loss of all its resources.

On a different if related theme, my colleagues at the Guardian have made a forceful post about the Home Office: not fit for purpose, to put it bluntly. I quote (a much abbreviated version of an indictment which is well worth studying)

‘Rather than trying to reform this sadistic operation, it should be replaced with a new body that respects human rights rather than subordinating them to an ideology hostile to migrants. Demanding the abolition of the Home Office must be combined with a debate on combating institutionalised racism. But as the injustices committed by the Home Office multiply it becomes ever clearer that it cannot be reformed: it must go.’

Please hold your collective breath, as I try to retrain myself for some further interventions.

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