Day 2.2 How did we get here ?

September 12th, 2019 § 0 comments

Yes indeed. Years ago, the police would demand that you should repeat the words ‘British Constitution’ as a proof of sobriety. But what, today, is the British Constitution. and what are its connections, if any, with sobriety? In former days, one had something called a General Election; some party was normally declared to be the winner; and the leader of that party got to be summoned by the Queen (who is also part of the so-called British Constitution) to form a government, choose ministers, and so on. We laughed at the confused and mismanaged systems of the other side of the Channel, where they had no

A coalition

Queen, a multiplicity of parties, and often no majority to form a government; they would have to cobble together a  confused coalition of continental remnants to squabble about the ‘distribution of portfolios’. (As they are. currently doing, in a fairly orderly way, in Italy.) But right now, in this (to coin a phrase) sceptred isle, there seems to be no consensus about how you proceed. The leader of the opposition has to wait while the tattered remnants of the government sort themselves out before he can do what an opposition should properly do, with no one really to oppose. I must admit to being a bit confused – is it just my stupidity?

So naturally, I’ve tried at long last to write something for better or worse, and am posting it on

. Whether it will reflect any of my intentions is hardly to the point.

And are the rumours that I hear true that Scotland, or even worse Northern Ireland, is likely to secede. from the Union? (If you remember, and my memory is hazy at best, we were united with Scotland in 1603 9r so, and with Northern Ireland… spare me the details.) Since when, it was my impression, we were all part of a united global capitalist system. Why do we bother, if these remnants are not themselves united, holding ourselves together under our divided flag? I rest my case. The people, united as we say in our deluded idealism, will never be defeated.




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